Hardware and Networking Interview Questions in Chennai

Computer Hardware Interview Questions:

Computer hardware A+ Question Paper I

  1. POST stands for:
    1. printer online standard test
    2. positive operating system test
    3. power on self-test
    4. printer online static test
  2. PCMCIA stands for “personal computer memory card international association”. PC cards are:
    1. not hot swappable
    2. plug and play
    3. not plug and play
    4. used only in mainframes
  3. A switching power supply steps down voltage by means of:
    1. a network of capacitors
    2. a network of resistor conduits
    3. transformers
    4. turning off and back on in rapid cycles
  4. Pick the correct choice for the 8088 CPU.
    1. 16 bit word size, 8 bit data path
    2. 8 bit word size, 16 bit data path
    3. 16 bit word size, 16 bit data path
    4. 8 bit word size, 8 bit data path
  5. The upper memory area is located:
    1. between 640k and 1024k
    2. above 1 meg
    3. between 512k and 840k
    4. anything above 1024k
  6. In CMOS setup, if you enable Rom Bios Shadowing, what happens?
    1. rom cannot be used by the bios
    2. rom memory is minimized
    3. rom memory is maximized
    4. a copy of the bios is placed in ram
  7. Memory that is paged out to the hard drive is known as:
    1. extended memory
    2. virtual memory
    3. conventional memory
    4. memory cannot be paged to the hard drive
  8. Which of the following is least likely to be affected by a virus?
    1. Floppy disk
    2. Hard drive
    3. BIOS in ROM
    4. A file in RAM


  1. Which color PS/2 port to connect Keyboard and which colour port to connect mouse?
  2. North Bridge is used for connecting ———- and ————–?
  3. High level formatting is applying ————– on the magnetic storage mediums?
  4. USB 2.0 transfers data at ———– speed?
  5. A sector can hold ——- bytes?
  6. SATA stands for ———— and it’s version two transfers data at ————- speed?
  7. Red colour wire indicates ———- voltage and yellow colour indicates ——— voltage in SMPS?
  8. Standard DVD of DSDL can store ———— GB of data?
  9. Processor has ————– and ————— as its main internal parts?
  10. Processors are manufactured using ———– and ——— technology?
  11. Which device service is attached to IRQ1?
  12. DMA controller specially used for managing —————-?
  13. Which colour wire in SMPS indicates +3.3V?
  14. Wi-Fi standards are ——, ——, ——?
  15. RAID0 provides high fault tolerance? Yes or No?
  16. RAID 5 supports ——- no of device failure and RAID6 supports ——- no of device failure?
  17. Which one is highest print priority in the following numbers- (44, 85, 22, 01, and 00)?
  18. What is printer pooling?
    1. Adding additional printer memory b) buffer memory c) grouping identical printers d) none
  19. Continuous beep sound indicates error of ————-?
  20. Dual core has ——- physical cores and Quad core has———- physical cores?
  21. Which one is best method of trouble shooting a monitor?
    1. Connect monitor to other system and confirm b) remove VGA bus from system and look for flag            c) call monitor technician and rectify            d) check VGA card
  22. Fiber optic connectors are—— and ——?
  23. Write some of the number systems used in computer?
  24. USB supports —— devices?
  25. Write some expansion slots names?
  26. Write some RAM types?
  27. SDRAM should be placed in ——–slots in system board?
  28. FDC and HDC pins are ——- and ——- respectively?
  29. CPU has —— and —- BUS?
  30. North Bridge is faster than south bridge? Yes or NO?
  31. Before upgrading your operating system, you should first:
    1. remove TSRs    backup your hard drive         c. edit the startup files    d. run scandisk
  32. You wish to see the hidden files in a directory and you type “DIR /AH”. Does this work?
    1. yes no
  33. What is the command file used to bring up the Registry editor?
    1. exe b. editreg.com   c. redit.bat         d. openreg.exe   e. regedit.exe
  34. Select all the file systems that Windows 2000/XP/2003 supports:
    1. vfat fat 16            c. fat32                         d. cdfs               e. ntfs
  35. Twisted-pair cable uses what type of connector?
    1. RJ-11 XT-20            c. RJ-45                         d. RJ-50                        e. RP-21
  1. The system BIOS and ROM chips are called:
    1. Software Hardware      c. Firmware       d. Boot ware

45.Which of the following is both input/output device?

  1. Modem keyboard       c. mouse           d. monitor
  1. Write some of the important boot files in windows XP?
  2. When an OS in a PC is corrupted, what is the best corrective method?
  3. Repair the OS b. Restart and Press F8 try with some best options to recover
  4. Re-install the OS d. Install the OS in other partition
  5. System freezes now and then, what is the likely problem?
  6. CPU fan not running properly b. Too many applications opened at time
  7. Virus infected the system d. All of the above
  8. Write any one special feature of RAID 1?
  9. CD-ROM drive can be connected to —–?
  10. Special CD-ROM port b. EIDE port c. SATA port      d. PATA port

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