Course Level Overview

Level 1:
  • Visualize and compose effective presentations
  • Express using Digital photography
  • Work with letters, colours, illustrations, images, etc to create effective designs
  • Create ads for newspapers, magazines and billboards
Level 2:
  • Manipulate images to suit the target ad and medium
  • Develop UI designs and various Web elements
  • Develop ad banners and Interactive ads for the web
  • Develop interactive elements and engaging presentations
Level 3:
  • Create 3D objects and simple special effects
  • Write creative briefs, script a story for production and shoot it by using a digital camera
  • Edit audio and video to emphasize on time and mood
  • Design and develop a television advert
Level 4:
  • Understand the power of each advertising medium
  • Demonstrate the understanding of research methodologies
  • Plan advertising strategies for a product/service
  • Execute campaigns through Print medium, Radio spots, TV commercials and online medium
  • Create online and offline advertising materials
  • Generate advertising ideas specific to each medium and also write advertising copy